At the origin of Lives In Pieces, there is the official poster.


.. but ....

BUT the students used their imagination..


But a bunch of ... 2 crazy teachers (Mr Roussel and Mme Akin) still believed in the power of imagination . They decided to give only the title of the play.. The students' mission: to imagine and  to design posters from the title ...

What? You want some examples ?

(a) Laura, Océane and Allan (1 STI)            (b) Laurine, Gwendoline, Mylaine and Valentin (2D7-8)
(c) Marianne, Clarysse and Johan (2D7-8)    (d) Maxence (2D7-8)




Some other posters ...

 Studying the title of the play and imagining possible scenarios led the students to create other posters.

(a) Andy, Arnaud and Nicolas (2D7-8)  (b) Amandine, Nassim, Adrien and Claire (1ES)
(c) Anonymous 1!                               (d) Anonymous 2 !
(e) Laura, Ines and Hayet (1ES)           (f) Cassndra, Justine, Ludivine and Lucas (1STI)



December 05th, 2013.. through students' eyes (1)

December 05th, 2013.. through students' eyes (2)

After the show on our way back

... and also personal impressions ...

.... the days after ...

By the way... do you remember the play ?

Have a look at this presentation..
Just enjoy these entertaining moments !


December 6th, 2013...Articles from students (1)

Successful performance of « Lives in Pieces » which took place for Pasteur

From Kenza B.
December 6th, 2013 (2nde 4)

My article is about the play «  Lives in Pieces » a love story , which was written by the playwright Philip Ayckbourn. This play is divided into three acts : the first is Dinner Date, the second is Internet Connection and the final act is Hotel Reunion.

First, we watched this play with the highschool Pasteur on 5th December.
The representation took place in Montigny-en-Gohelle and we were with our teachers.

The play is a love story between Penny, who is played by Genevieve and Simon, who is played by Murray. That's why it was romantic. Greg is the third actor, who plays the roles of Giles and Simon. Judie is the director of this play.

The story is about a young woman, Penelope, who meets Giles, a rich and arrogant man. At the end, Simon and Penelope, called Penny, are going to meet again. Fate brings them together.

Finally, in my opinion, the play was interesesting because it was a beautiful story and the scenario was well written. The actors did a great performance. They used a lot of movements, expressions, which are characteristics of theater.


and some more posters

Jade R. (2nde8)
Margaux B. (2nde8)
Pauline M. (2nde1)
Elise M. (2nde3)
Océane V. (2nde8)